Is your furnace ready for the long winter season?

Have your furnace serviced before you need it. Your furnace control board is not used during the cooling season. If water from your evaporator coil or condensate pan leaked or overflowed during the summer it may have damaged or shorted out your control board resulting in a furnace that will not function. Be Prepared.

When was the last time you checked your furnace filter?

When was the last time you CHANGED your furnace filter? Dirty filters keep your equipment from running at peak efficiency resulting in repairs that could be avoided and costing you more in electricity.

Furnace Filter

Regularly changing the furnace filter increases the system’s energy efficiency and lessens the workload on the system’s components. A dirty filter makes the fan work harder and in extreme cases the reduced air flow across the evaporator coil freezes the condensation, forming an ice block that cuts the air flow even further. A missing, improperly sized, damaged or poor quality filter lets dust pass; where it then accumulates on the evaporator coil and blower wheel.

Manufacturers offer several different grades of filters and rate them on a MERV scale. Filters rated with a higher MERV, which stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, collect a larger percentage of the air-borne contaminants passing through the unit. Many homeowners choose filters with a MERV rating between five and eight.